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Make a Strong First Impression

When it comes to making a memorable statement for your business, few things rival the impact of channel letters, pylons, and dimensional letters.

Channel letters, with their illuminated, three-dimensional design, command attention day or night, ensuring your brand shines brightly amidst the urban landscape.

Pylons offer grandeur and visibility, soaring high to catch the eye of passersby from afar, serving as a beacon guiding them to your establishment.

Meanwhile, dimensional letters add depth and sophistication, projecting professionalism and permanence.

Together, these signage elements form a powerful ensemble, leaving an indelible mark on potential customers and instilling confidence in your brand's presence.

Anthem Reverse Chanel Letters - Halo Lit

Building Signs

Building signs come in different shapes, sizes, and designs – many building signs are even illuminated.

If your business needs an overhaul, a new building sign is the first step to creating a positive customer experience.


Research has shown that the quality and condition of the exterior signage of a business has the power to attract customers and make a lasting impression.

Reverse Chanel Halo Lit

Channel Letters & LED Signs

LED signage puts the focus on your brand using custom LED lighted letters in the size, font, and colour of your choice.

Make your business stand out at night with high visibility, reliable LED signs that are effective and visible both day and night.

We can take nearly any business logo and use light effects to really make your brand stand out!

North Shore - Illuminated Chanel Letters

Dimensional Letters

Dimensional letters can make your business name visible and recognizable to all.

Custom dimensional lettering is a lower cost alternative to lighted signage, and can be designed for both indoor or outdoor use.

Anthem / SOCO dimensional letters

Pylon & Monument Signs

Pylon signs are freestanding signs designed to make your business stand out from the crowd. With proper design, your pylon sign will be a landmark that potential clients can easily recognize and remember your business by.

Pylons signs can even be designed to include electronic message centers, turning your pylon into an incredible advertising tool which can create real value for your business.

Monument signs are designed to mimic the architecture of your building and make an enduring impression. This type of signage is often found at the entrance of:

  • Hospitals

  • Universities

  • Business Complexes

  • Residential Communities

Lansdowne Pylon Sign

Uno Digital has a team of designers and sign artisans who understand what your business needs to stand out.


By studying your location and the branding behind your business, we can help you stand out to the public and beautify your community, while still fitting in aesthetically with your surrounding area.

From the more prominent signage that showcases your business name, to the smaller directional signs, every single sign will be produced with your business and desired results in mind.

We even has budget-friendly options where quality and impact are never compromised.

Let’s discuss your next building signage project.

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