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  • Site Preparation:

    • Hoarding

      • Rigid Permanent 

      • Soft Temporary 

    • Safety: 

      • Site Rules

      • Safety Notifications,

      • Trade-Specific Information.

    • Marketing: 

      • Announcing the Project, 

      • Pre-Sales, 

      • Lease Opportunities.


  • Opportunities to Set Up Graphics for

    • Phases,

    • Changeable Content. 

  • Sales Centres or Presentation Centres

    • Planning,

    • Timeline and,

    • Specifications. 

  • Development Permit Review and Submittal for any Significant Signage. 



  • Site Preparation, Continued:

    • Hoarding:

      • Changes to Existing Messaging

      • Final Placement of Construction Fencing for Duration of Project.   

    • Prime Selling Phase

    • Review Phase

      • Shop Drawing Submittals,

      • Signage Schedules,

      • Sample Reviews, and All

      • Project Preparation. 

    • Pre-Production

      • Review of Scope for

        • Code Compliance and

        • Municipal Compliance,

      • Approval From Required Reviewing Parties. 



  • Wayfinding Signage:

    • ​In the previous phases we have identified all of the signs required for your project. We now move into production of these signs and scheduling for completion. 

  • Production Scheduling:

    • Based on the status of construction and inspection dates, we plan the installation dates and related production timelines to meet the targets.   

  • Installation Scheduling:​ 

    • Signage is installed based on inspection requirements, building readiness, and in an order that accommodates requirements for trades and authorities. 


  • Final Reviews:

    • We remain active on the project until occupancy and required inspections are completed. If something is to come up during an inspection, our team is prepared and ready to expedite a solution to avoid extra delays.



Handover of the project at substantial completion is a great day for all parties involved. 

We work alongside you through the final stages of your project and are available to consult on last-minute changes, and removals of any temporar